Bistro Guillaume has been inspired by France’s most popular neighbourhood bistros.

The natural light-filled bistro’s design pays homage to the traditional bistros of France by featuring timber panelling and mouldings with the richness and warmth of French oak timber, and incorporates Bistro Guillaume’s whimsical grass green colour in both the bar area and entrance. Featuring an extensive outdoor terrace (a hallmark of the world’s best bistros), a zinc-topped bar, and a dramatic private room, the spacious, welcoming dining area is complete with Bistro Guillaume’s signature chefs’ hats pendant lights – its ‘French petticoats’. As well as the terrace, indoor dining and private room, guests may also meet at the zinc-topped bar and enjoy a glass of Champagne, a classic cocktail or try one of the bistro’s specially created cocktails.

Not only can guests select from a daily ‘plat du jour’, the menu also features French bistro classics such as duck confit, expertly prepared simple steak dishes, and a range of main course size salads, making Bistro Guillaume a must-try venue for any health conscious diner. With its relaxed service style, guests are encouraged to pour their own wine from the unadorned tables. The bistro’s wine list is a tightly edited selection, with half of the selection sourced from France; the other half is sourced locally from boutique Victorian wineries, with all wines available by the glass or bottle.

“Bistro Guillaume is just the sort of place where I would like to eat on a regular basis. It’s the perfect place for a simple meal or a more elaborate celebration. From noon until late, you can pop in on your own to have a satisfying salad or come late at night for a bowl of French onion soup. I want guests to feel relaxed and welcome and know that they have plenty of options to choose from. We’ve made the wine list short, so there’s more time to enjoy the atmosphere, food and company. The list may be tight, but it features enough selection to hopefully please everyone. Guests will also be glad to know that the cost of a meal at Bistro Guillaume is remarkably reasonable,” comments Guillaume Brahimi.